Investment Highlights

7 reasons to invest in Godewind Immobilien AG: an office real estate platform aiming for attractive cash flow & shareholder value
  1. a Pure office real estate portfolio with a value of more than one billion euros only in top German locations
  2. Portfolio with significant value appreciation potential based solely on the existing portfolio
  3. 3. High organic growth through the reduction of strategically purchased vacancies from 28% to less than 5%, extensions of leases and adjustments of rents to market levels
  4. Selected high-quality office properties without legacies and without structural vacancies
  5. Attractive financing structure and tax loss carryforwards of originally 355 million euros as well as a tax deposit account for the distribution of dividends without deduction of capital gains tax
  6. High level of transparency at company and asset level
  7. stable shareholder base with strong commitment from management and Family & Friends – share around 35%